Let’s get OFFTRAIL!! try backpacking

When people think about their holidays, they generally tend to foresee endless spans of white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoon and all the comfort of a high class hotel. At times, some may opt for less luxury and go for mid class accommodation that will answer their will to discover new lifestyles, traditions and cultures. Fewer people however choose to leave the so said comfort to live a real adventure. These people are more into what we so call backpack!

One of the most simple, fun and low cost way of travelling around the world is backpacking! Forget the extra luggage, le cabin luggage, the trolleys and long minutes of wait at the belts in airports. Travelling light with a minimum luggage is essential! Backpacking was often considered as a type of travel that corresponded to students or un-wealthy class but at some point, travellers want to have new experience and if you can have fun, save money and the opportunity to live a one-in-a-lifetime adventure for two weeks, you’ll never regret turning your back at a sea view room for 5 days!

If you’re looking for places where you can easily backpack, here are some good tips:

Thailand: Top place for. Life there is very affordable. The country is a synonym of uniqueness for its culture and its people. There you’ll get a taste if the real Thai food! How much? Simply budget $20 a day for food and accommodation in a comfy place. Yet there can be cheaper places! In addition to the food, beaches and nightlife will be waiting for you.

Peru: Just grab a map, a good pair of hiking shoes, learn a bit of Spanish and fly to Peru and start to wander form Lima, the capital. You can go there at any time of the year since there’s always something to do there! You’ll also find incredible rainforests, fantastic ancient ruins, stunning landscapes and wonderful beaches. Machu Picchu is definitely a must-see.

Albania: Ever heard of this gorgeous country? Well, if neither Greece nor Italy is an option, Albania might be a good deal. Sometimes referred to as one of Europe’s poorest countries, this country has rich cultural heritage and is very cheap! Tirana, the capital has some stunning museums and breath-taking historical sites. Consider hiking to enjoy spectacular views, or simply have a dip in the blue at Jala or Dhermi beach.

India is the ultimate destination, mind-blowing, inexpensive backpacking destination. Traveling to India is a life experience you will never regret. Then the more of it you can see, the best it is! Travel, accommodations, and food are cheap there. You can even find backpacking hostels in most major cities and this is a perfect way to make new friends from all over the world.

Want some more? Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Nepal, Myanmar… !

As you can see, discovery is not only a matter of comfort you’ll have or how many stars are involved. It’s not about reviews that one can find on travel websites. It’s not about how much you will spend for or how far will you go from home. Real trips start whenever you get personally involved, making you feel a little bit different from what you were before heading out for adventure. With these destinations in mind, you’ll have some milestones for you bucket list! First of all, just look out for WHERE, start planning and then just JUMP!