How to Do Proper Carpet Cleaning That Make Your Life Easier

Cleaning your carpet is very important for the healthy environment of your house. You should clean your carpets regularly to keep the room dirt free. It is in the nature of carpets materials to attract a lot of dust. If those dust are not cleaned regularly your house may get dusty. A neat, clean and dry environment is very important for your house. There are many ways of cleaning the carpet of your house.

The cleaning depends on the type of dust you have, it also depends on the type of carpet you have on your floor. Here are some carpet cleaning methods has taught us recently:

Vacuum the Carpet

The room needs some preparation before the vacuum cleaning. You have to make sure that there are nothing on the carpet before starting the vacuum cleaning. Get rid of all the toys and small objects which may be lying on the carpet. You need to clear the space so the vacuum can be done without any interruption. Here are some other preparations which are essential

  • Find out all the small objects which may get inside vacuum machine and cause damage the machine. For example, coins can be dangerous for the machine.
  • Always check under the furniture before you start the vacuum. You may find small objects there which are difficult to see
  • Make sure the room is clean before you start the vacuum, dust everything, furniture, sofa, curtains. After cleaning those you can start the vacuum cleaning.

Vacuum Attachment

A vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool for your carpet cleaning. It also comes with multiple attachment to make the cleaning job much easier. When cleaning the carpet you will find certain areas which are hard to reach with normal vacuum cleaner. A nozzle attachment can be a perfect solution for those spots. Nozzle attachment will easily reach those areas making sure that the carpet is cleaned properly. It is recommended to remove the furniture’s before you start the vacuum cleaning. However, if the furniture’s are hard to remove, you can use the nozzle to reach underneath the furniture. Vacuum attachment can be found in local markets. Make sure you get the right one which fits to your existing vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Technique

There are lots of techniques available for vacuum cleaning. We often use the vertical cleaning technique which is very effective for carpet cleaning. However, to get the best result, you should use both vertical and horizontal vacuum. You should start from a certain point, vacuum the entire space in a forward line manner. Then you can go from left to right. This process makes sure that no spots are left untouched. Due to the nature of carpet fiber, this kind of techniques are very effective.

Regular Vacuum

Vacuum should be a regular process, it is not something you should do in a month. Vacuum cleaning keeps your carpet dust free. It is the most effective way of cleaning the carpet. It is recommend that you vacuum clean the carpet once a week.