Would You Return $1.2 Million?

diamondsOne Dubai cab driver can simply answer that question with a yes, and I did! It would be hard for anyone to imagine finding that much cash and Diamonds in the trunk of their car, but what about carrying around a bag with that much money in it?! To most of us, it might seem pretty crazy, but for one Egyptian business man it was just another day at work.  He was carrying the bag with cash and diamond in it, and placed it in the trunk of the taxi.  When he forgot about the bag upon getting out of the cab, he figured the bag was lost and gone forever, but the amazing honest cab driver, found the bag and was able to return it to the gentleman.  He found the bag on a routine check after hours and realized who it must have belonged to.  Just as he was about to call the police, they called him and asked him to bring the bag into the station.

This is a very lucky situation of lost and found, but many times there are people who aren’t so lucky to find such an expensive bag that was lost. This is why The Diamond Reserve wants to inform everyone about traveling with their jewelry and other precious items.  It is best to keep the expensive pieces and precious pieces in a carry on with you at all times.  Putting jewelry or precious stones in a checked bag is never a good idea. Simply making smart decisions and being constantly aware of where your items are is important.