Woodworking Plans: Chicken Coop Projects for Amateurs

Best Chicken Coop Plans

His mom was so proud!

I wanted my son to take up the craft of woodworking like my father had taught me.  It was something I had decided on before I ever had a son, and I knew that my father had done the same.  Of course, finding the proper woodworking plans to start my son on this most humbling and enlightening of crafts was another story entirely.  My father and I spent a good amount of time trying to decide on my first woodworking project, and a birdhouse was what we had ended up making.

My son was a bit more mathematical than I was, and I surmised something more difficult might be necessary.  I considered our barn animals, chickens, who needed a larger coop to sleep in the evenings.  I asked my son, always concerned for animal welfare, and he said that the chicken coop plans I had found in the book were perfect.  I was overjoyed that my son had been happy with my first choice.  I knew it would be tough to get it done, but we would be closer for it.

The quality of the chicken coop plans was the only reason we made it through the project.  The chicken coop itself turned out perfectly, thanks to the expert supply list, detailed diagrams and wonderful step-by-step directions in our plans.  Honestly, I also was impressed with my son’s math skills, because without his calculations, I know we would not have finished. I am legendarily terrible with math, it’s why my wife keeps the budget and I keep the garden.

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