Traveling Anxiety – How to find the Strength to defeat the weakness

Traveling can be anxious for many people and it can turn even nightmare. It is true that traveling is one of the biggest relaxation for human mind and brain, however, every individual is not the same and for many people travel anxiety works round the clock and the relaxation turns to punishment.

But what can be the way to get rid of it?

Is there really a way to tackle this and if yes then how?

There are many questions but very little are answered. People who have suffered from travel anxiety can relate the questions. However, one thing must be answered at the very beginning and that is travel anxiety is self-created and has no relevance. Most of the times, it comes from the previous poor experience of self and others. However, it is not necessary that it may happen again.

It is good to learn from past experience but anxiety is the mother of all problems. Here is how you can handle and tackle it.


The first thing is to prepare for the travel. Yes, the preparation takes time and one should do it very carefully. However, if someone is anxious, then some mistakes are bound to happen. It is often seen that people take extra precaution and they know that what can be missed, suppose air tickets and still they miss it. The over anxiety can make you forget things and things can turn even worse. The best solution is to start the preparation early and get a notebook or whiteboard and write down all the things that need to be packed or taken. By this way, you won’t forget anything and also your brain relaxes and it has no pressure to memorize things.

Challenge Yourself

Whenever you are traveling, you may know about your anxiety weakness. However, despite that if you do not challenge and lift your bars then there is hardly anything that could help you. There is a phobia of travel and all you have to do is stay calm and optimistic. It may be difficult but talking to self is not hard. The moment you convince yourself that everything is alright, the anxiety will be defeated.

Tackle your Phobia

There are few techniques that can help you to overcome the phobia. However, it works differently for different people. Deep breath, meditation, music, video games and exercise, playing there can be multiple ways to get rid of the unknown and uncertain things. Unless your brain is occupied to do something productive, it will keep on cooking up stories and enhance your travel anxiety by a considerable amount. Everyone knows their weakness and their strength, all you have to do is to find the strength to defeat the weak in you. It is there inside you and a simple technique of bath, cooking, eating and reading can help you to win over the phobia.

Travel Anxiety is a feeling of losing and predicting something bad during the travel. Even though it may sound a simple problem, but in reality, it has wide complications starting from health complications and mental stability.