General steel comes through again

general steel

I have used general steel in the past for some pretty huge jobs but this was by far the most unique build I could ever imagine them coming out for and I can’t say enough good things about the job they did. I am building a small batch brewery in the back acre of my farm so I needed a tall, thin structure to go up and house all of my brewing equipment. My designs and blue prints called for some strange angles and builds to be made but I knew the experts at general steel had seen and done it all by now and that this wouldn’t be that great of a challenge for people used to this sort of thing. We laid out the plumbing and grease traps so they could put in the foundation around it. I expected a final build window of about three to four months so imagine my surprise when I met with the contractor and he laughed while telling me the entire thing could be erected in three weeks. THREE WEEKS! That was the start of me being blown away by general steel. First off the quote was incredible and a steal of a deal. With that kind of deal I figured they were using discount steel or scrap metal but they assured me their products are made in America using only the absolute highest grade steel money can buy. This means safety first and no headaches when things get rough going forward. I am very happy.