Employee assessments are vital to the workplace.

A couple of words for the businesses that are just starting to get going and the startups that are fledgling their way to the top.  Maintain your culture and shoot for the very best because the very best are not going to want to go to the two hundred year old hedge fund.  They are going to want to make a difference not just for the sake of money, but to also be able to see their measurable impact in the community.  Employee assessments do an adequate job of separating these individuals; the individuals that will help cultivate your newly founded company and help it grow into the triple bottom line impacting organization that you were dreaming of in your parents’ basement.  These individuals are the ones that are not going to ask for a title change and a pay raise until the job is done, not those that will skip out on an important meeting to go golfing just because the meeting falls outside of the normal business hours.  No, these individuals are going to be the ones for whom you have to buy more coffee, maybe put in a ping pong table, and develop policies around late night Chinese food and the number of pizza boxes that can be strategically stacked to form another cubicle in the corner.  So take the first step, put your business out there, and develop an employee assessment test so that you can get the very best for your organization, not someone that will not live and breathe your passion.

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