Cleaning tips for your kitchen

Some people dread cleaning up in their kitchen. They must all be afraid of the grease stains, or else I can’t explain this phenomenon. The thing is that cleaning the kitchen is probably one of the most important tasks in you day to day duties. Apart from the bathroom, the kitchen is the place where most of the germs gather up and this is exactly why you need to pay extra attention when cleaning it. Here are some tips on how to do a great job when cleaning the kitchen. The will hopefully come in useful and even help you save some time.

First of all, you should know that there are some spots you are not allowed to forget while cleaning the kitchen. Some of them don’t require your attention every week, but others really need to be cleaned or else you would have a health hazard on your hands. Cleaners at taught us insightful tips below:

So let’s start with the fridge. It’s the place where you keep you food cold, but it’s also the place where your food can get spoiled. This mainly happens when the fridge is not properly cleaned and there’s a buildup of bacteria that has no problem with crawling all over your food. And since we started talking about food crawling bacteria, you might want to cover up all the food that goes inside your fridge, just so that you can make sure that you don’t ingest something you are not supposed to. In order to avoid that, you need to clean your fridge about once a month. The best thing you can clean it with is a mixture of baking soda and water.

After you’ve cleaned it with this solution, you can rinse the fridge with some wine vinegar mixed with water, just to freshen it up a bit. By all means, do not forget to clean the vegetable tray, the freezer and every tiny little corner. If there are places you just can’t reach, then wrap a knife blade in an old rag and try to reach them like this. Now that the fridge is clean, you can fill up a tiny cup with water and a couple of drops of vinegar and put it in the fridge somewhere it won’t bother you. This water and vinegar mixture will help kill any unwanted bacteria. Make sure not to make it too strong, so that you fridge will smell of vinegar for days.

One other tip regarding the fridge is to also clean it on the outside. I am especially referring to the top of the fridge here, the part that seems to get forgotten most often when cleaning up around the kitchen. If you haven’t cleaned that part in a while, you will need to do some scrubbing, but you just need to remember about it next time, and things will be much easier.