Checking For Pests Before Traveling

Even though you could not be having pest issues at home,yet prior to traveling on a long trip, it is best to have a check to make sure you will not be returning to a house full of infestations.

Pests requires few things to survive in any environment which basically are food, water and a place. Your house can be a perfect place for them to grow if you allow. So it is better to control the situation before it’s too late. Don’t allow easy access to those 3 items and pest will eventually leave your house. If you want to force the situation there are some other tips which can help. Hiring an exterminator might be the easiest task though if you are on a budget, here are some good tips to consider!

First of all, you have to check different parts of your house. Inspect your roof if there is any kind of leak there. Gutters can also be an easy access for pest if it have leaks. Everything must be in order to protect your house from pest. If you find any kind of leaks, repair those immediately. You can repair the damages by yourself or you can hire plumbers to do it for you. Either way, you should not wait with all those leaks.

Having a tree branch close to the roof provides an easy access for animals to enter your house. Check your backyard if any tree branches are close to the roof line. If there is, you should cut it immediately. The tree branch should be several feet away from the roof. If you backyard have plenty of plants and bushes, you should trim those regularly. Keep the bushes at least 4 feet away from the wall. Make sure the plants are getting proper sunlight and there is enough air circulation. Any humid environment will allow rapid production of pests.

Standing water is one of the most reasons behind pest situation. Still water on the ground provides a perfect environment for insects to grow. There should not be any still water close to your house wall. A lower foundation often allows water to seep inside. You should make sure that the wall is high enough for the water. Regularly clean your house surrounding and keep it clean. Make it hard for the pest to stay close to your house. Eventually they will move.

Stacks of firewood is another reason of pest growth. You will need firewood for the fireplace, but don’t stack those in the backyard for a long time. If the woods are adjacent to your house wall, insects will get inside your house very quickly. Damp woods also provide a great production environment for them. Stack of woods provide the perfect humid condition with all the necessary foods for them to grow.

Keep the garbage containers away from your house. Garbage containers are perfect place for pest to grow. You should never allow those bins close to your house wall. Also clean the garbage bins regularly. Clean and tidy environment are not suitable for pest. They will leave the place when it is being cleaned regularly. Pest inspection can be very simple if you are willing to do it.