Buying a new car from a used car dealership in Denver

This month I have finally received my long overdue promotion from work so I figured it was about time I finally bought a new car. I have been thinking about it and wanting to buy one for the last few years but have been putting it off because it seemed like unnecessary spending. A lot of unnecessary spending at that. The car I currently have works, but not always well. It is getting kind of old and has started its slow march towards eventual death. It probably has a few more years left in it but since I have this promotion I might as well spoil myself a bit and spring for something a little better. I have never been a big fan of buying new cars, I find it to be a huge waste of money, so I have started looking around at used car dealerships in Denver. In my opinion used cars aren’t that much worse off than new cars and given that they are a mere fraction of the price it seems more reasonable to go for used. At first I thought about selling my old car privately but after thinking about it a bit it kind of seems like it might be more effort than it is worth. Used car DenverI know that generally you can get more money for your car if you sell it yourself rather than trading it in, but trading it in at the used car dealership in Denver is just so much easier. A few of the used car buyers I have talked to here in Denver even have a program in which they will come and get the car from you for no extra cost. Again the convenience factor of just trading it in is too big to really ignore. I have a few ideas right now for what kind of car I would want to buy but I still need to check around and do some research. Since I am buying from a used car dealer I might also take a walk around a few car lots and see what is there and see if anything catches my eye. I would still want to go home and do research on whatever cars do catch my eye but at least going that way about it feels a bit more relaxed. I know there are some features I would really want and I have seen some brands and models that I think could be nice. It has been so long since I have bought a new car so I am really reveling in the excitement and options that are available. I want to kind of take my time with this decision though since buying a car is of course a fairly big step. I tend to be rather impulsive sometimes but for important (and expensive) decisions like this it is probably best that I take my time a bit more and really do some good research on not only the make and model of the car but also the condition of the actual car that is being sold.