back laser

Oh it is cold in here. He was talking to the spine surgeons. It is cold in here to stave off any infection the surgeon told him. Wait a minute, it is 2013 and I have all the technology in the world and you are telling me it needs to be cold to stave off infection? That does not make any sense at all to me. But that is what they said when he went under and so he had surgery on his spine and everything went okay, But when he woke up, he was crying. And he did not know why. He decided that to cry in a hospital after a big deal surgery like that was an alright thing to do and I can not blame him. When I last had some small surgery, and was put under, I was crying too. I did not feel sad but I could not stop from crying. It was an interesting experience. I really like being put under, surprisingly. When I was sick when I was 13 I went to sleep every night with an injection from some medicine and I really liked it. I never became a drug addict and I never once wanted to try drugs. I still do not want to try any drugs, which I think is very different from my sister who will try and experiment with just about every thing there is. I suppose that eventually I will want to try something, but for now I will stick with minimally invasive spine surgery.