All Natural Beauty Tips

It is hard to believe that the most effective ways of keeping your beauty are inexpensive and simple to use. The beauty industry invest billions of dollars to produce new and more effective beauty products to keep your face beautiful. But the ingredients you can find from nature to keep your natural beauty is almost hard to believe. An average women spends thousands of dollars each year and buy beauty products. But you can use natural ingredients and use those to keep your natural beauty. So here are simple and inexpensive tips for you to keep your natural beauty.

The Banana Egg Hair Treatment

It is the most common hair treatment which has been used for many years by women. This hair treatment is very effective to keep your hair healthy and shiny. If you are looking for more shine in your hair, just mix one egg with a mashed banana. Then you can apply the mix on your hair and leave it like this for 30 minutes. You can wash that later on and you will see result almost instantly. For a better result you can also use conditioner while washing the hair.

Nail Moisturizing

This is another natural beauty tips which is simple and easy to use. You just have to soak your nails in the olive oil for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash your hand afterwards and enjoy the view of pretty hands. This method is very effective to keep your nail healthy and beautiful. This method is also very effective if you have rough and hard nails.

Honey Face Mask

Hollywood uses this technique all the time. Honey is very effective too keep your natural beauty intact. Women are using honey as beauty products for many years. The anti-bacterial ingredients of raw honey is very effective to give you a soft and shiny skin. The honey mask is a quick and inexpensive way of getting a shiny skin. You can use this method once in a week. Just use one tablespoon of honey and rub it on your face, leave it like that for couple of minutes and wash later on. You face skin will be softer and shiner after a honey face mask treatment.

Apple Cider Shampoo

Another natural beauty item you can use to keep your hair shiny and beautiful. If you are using commercial shampoo, you can mix some vinegar in it and use the mix. The apple cider shampoo mix is very effective for your hair treatment. A rather inexpensive and effective hair treatment which you can apply once a week.

Black Head Removal

Mix few drops of honey to lemon extracts, then rub the mix on your face and keep it that way for couple of minutes. Rub the places of the face which has more black heads. Wash the face afterwards and you will get rid of the annoying black heads of your face. This method is very effective to remove black heads from your face.

So these are some simple tips for you to keep your natural beauty in a natural way.