A swollen foot lead me to Gilbert Urgent Care

I woke up a few weeks ago with a severely swollen foot.  My foot was red and had ballooned in the heel area.  Walking on it was extremely painful.  I rushed to Gilbert Urgent Care soon after I awoke.  But, it took me a lot longer than usual due to the pain I had when I tried to put my foot down.   Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait that long to be seen and the receptionist was really nice so I felt comfortable in making the correct decision right away.  The doctor did a basic visual inspection and came up with a list of possibilities.  He sent me to get an x ray just to make sure that nothing was broken.  When the results came back, they were negative, meaning that I hadn’t broken anything.  The other possibilities according to the doctor were some sort of tendonitis, a torn tendon, or the gout.  He scheduled an MRI a couple of days later for me to rule out a torn tendon.  In the meantime he prescribed me anti inflammatory medication and pain killers in order to allow me to carry on in my usual way.   When the results of my MRI came back a couple of days later, they showed that the tendons in my heal had not been torn.  But they were in fact inflamed.  The cause of the inflammation was the mystery now.  Whit tendonitis, there could be many possible causes.  I have suffered from tendonitis most of my life.  In my youth, I was afflicted with Sever’s disease, which is a swelling in the plantar side of the heel over the calcaneal apophysis.  When I was an adolescent, the doctors said that it was a common occurrence in youth athletes and resulted from growth spurts in the bones of my feet.  Later in life, another doctor told me that is was simply a form of tendonitis.  While I have done a bit of research on the subject, there isn’t a clear distinction between it and tendonitis.  However, sometimes, the issue is a swelling of the heel bone itself and not the tendons around it.  In any case, the treatment was always rest in my youth.  The other possible cause of my symptoms was the gout.  The gout is recurring acute attacks of inflammatory arthritis that occur in the foot, but usually the big toe area.  My dad actually had the gout.  It changed his life pretty dramatically and now he takes a daily medication and can’t play sports like he used to.  He also changed his diet quite a bit, which might have been a good thing in the big picture.  I was worried more that my issues stemmed from the gout because the medication and changes in diet that were necessary to combat it.  After my third visit to Gilbert Urgent Care, I finally got the test results back and the diagnosis.  I just had tendonitis in my heal and the probable cause was overuse.  I walked away from Gilbert Urgent Care that day feeling good about the future.